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We are at BakerX (pop-up at Orchard Central) from 2 Jun to 18 Aug. Walk-in purchase & Dine-in options available. 


For website pre-orders, only SELF-COLLECTION is available.

Changing of pre-order items is not allowed in-store.


Delivery is NOT available during this period, however customers can arrange for their own courier pick-up between 11am-6pm.



Kuro Goma Daifuku (Roasted Black Sesame)

Contains dairy.


Made with freshly ground roasted black sesame seeds, and wrapped with a layer of soft, chewy mochi skin on the outside. We fell in love with the rich, nutty aroma of our house-made black sesame paste & we hope that you will too!


All our fillings and mochi skin are handmade from scratch and do not contain any preservatives.


**Please enjoy them at their ideal texture - our daifuku taste best on the same day received, when the mochi is the softest. Otherwise, keep in chiller & consume latest by the next day.



How To Order:

Please add your items to cart & follow the instructions during checkout.


For bulk orders of more than 10 boxes, we will require at least 7 days advanced notice from the delivery date.


***Please note that the Nerikiri designs & packaging are subject to changes and pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

Kuro Goma Daifuku

PriceFrom $4.00
  • Please consume daifuku on the same day purchased.

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